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Our Tools Help Car Dealers Sell More Cars Online Every Month.

Infinite Prospects (infiniteprospects) is your Car Dealership Digital Marketing Advocate. We provide expert insight for car dealerships into the complex world of automotive Internet marketing. We seek out and deliver cutting-edge tools and programs that help car dealers increase online marketing Return on Investment (ROI), saving you the time of having to navigate the vast landscape of new products out there.

At Infinite Prospects, we help you maximize the effectiveness of communication over the Internet in your car dealership by applying industry-accepted best practices and recommending the proper automotive technology solutions. We become your partner in taking a scientific approach to gaining new potential customers, moving them through the sales cycle, and analyzing results to identify patterns in consumer behavior and lead source quality.

No matter how you’re looking to improve your store’s digital marketing efforts, Infinite Prospects can assemble a custom solution for your dealership!

Our Comprehensive Suite of Dealership Marketing Tools, Systems and Services

  • 📱

    Automated Vehicle eBrochures

    Our system answers all new and used car leads for dealerships in seconds! Hands-down the best Enhanced Automated Response in the automotive industry! Stops the response clock with most CRM Tools!

  • Leverage the Power Of Online Classifieds like Craigslist

    We proactively publish car dealerships’ pre-owned inventory on sites like Craigslist every day, 7 days per week. Our system records and tracks all email and phone call leads, and saves your the time of having to create and publish the posts yourself.

  • 📷

    Better Images Sell More Vehicles

    We work hard to provide your dealership with the best looking images for your auto inventory.

    Your Customers and Sales Team will benefit from the reduced labor and the professional look of your inventory photos.

  • 🔾

    Improve Your Website With Our Add-On Tools

    If you want to improve lead conversion on your site, increase credit application submissions, or add a video spokesperson – then you’ll want to work with Infinite Prospects! Click here to see what we mean.

Kim Mee

What is wonderful about Adam is that he constantly is improving his products and process. There is always something new and exciting to consider. He is the utmost professional and I would recommend him to anyone in need in the many services he can provide.

Kim MeeIBDM at JR Group
Dennis Squitieri

Adam has worked with our 2 Jaguar dealerships…we got great results and his methods work well with our staff…won’t leave till the job is done…he always has something new…i recommend him…

Dennis SquitieriManaging Director at Madison Jaguar
Brian Dennis

Adam has exceeded our expectations and is always providing us with the newest technology and methods for increasing and retaining sales. Thanks Adam, your success is well deserved.

Brian DennisOwner at Eastchester Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Ken Harris

Adam is a consultant with a wealth of experience based knowledge, prudent time and resource management skills and has uncanny vision, providing a platform for exponential growth. He is a builder, in systems and processes and in people.

Ken HarrisFinance and Insurance Manager at Sansone Jr’s 66 Automall